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Vaccinations are an essential part of pet care.

They are a simple approach to ensure that your pet is physically able to fight off diseases that are avoidable. Your pet might become seriously ill if this step is not taken. This doesn’t only protect your pet, though. Vaccines also keep people from becoming ill if they come into close contact with your pets. We are pleased to provide pet vaccinations in Fort Myers and urge you to keep your pets up to date on their shots to keep yourself and your animals safe.

Common Preventable Illnesses in Pets

Your veterinarian will be able to inform you of which immunizations your pet needs. When it comes to the health of dogs and cats, there’s no single right answer. Every pet has individual needs based on a wide variety of factors. Most pets will require certain vaccinations that are usually recommended for all animals. These are called core vaccines. Depending on how often your pet comes in contact with other animals or how long your pet spends outside, we may also recommend incorporating certain other vaccines into your pet’s health plan. These vaccinations outside the core vaccine category are referred to as lifestyle vaccines. We prescribe immunizations depending on what illnesses are most likely to impact your pet. Common preventable diseases in dogs include:



Kennel Cough


Lyme Disease



Common preventable diseases in cats include:


Feline Calicivirus




Even though it might seem overwhelming, we will walk you through everything you need to know. It is crucial to consider the specific needs of your pet when making health decisions for them. We’ll guide you through the most beneficial options based on your pet’s age, health, and lifestyle factors and never pressure you into anything we don’t feel is necessary.
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We make an effort to give every pet the best care possible. When you pick us for your pet vaccinations in Fort Myers, we’ll collaborate with you to create the safest and most effective for your pet. Please get in touch with us if you’ve just adopted a new pet or think it’s time to renew your animals’ vaccinations.
Fort Myers Animal Medical Center administers pet vaccinations for pets in Fort Myers, North Fort Myers, Villas, Cape Coral and Cypress Lake.

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