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It might be frightening to learn that your pet needs surgery.

When your pet requires medical treatment, knowing you can rely on an experienced and caring veterinarian is comforting. If your pet needs soft-tissue surgery in Fort Myers, we are here to help. Our trained staff members are happy to ease any fears you may have and answer all your questions. Our goal is to provide safe, effective surgeries that you can have confidence in. We continuously monitor your pet’s vital signs during surgery and keep a close watch on them as they recuperate to ensure they’re recovering safely and comfortably. We’ll make sure to send you home with detailed aftercare instructions so your pet can recover as quickly and easily as possible, too.

Our Soft-Tissue Surgery Services

Our staff has the experience and knowledge to handle a wide variety of surgical procedures. We offer both standard services like spay and neuter surgeries and more specialized soft-tissue surgeries such as:

Oncologic Surgeries

Skin Fold Resection

Reconstructive Surgery for Wound Closure or Mass Excision

Abdominal Surgery

Neurologic Procedures

Total Ear Canal Ablation and Lateral Bulla Osteotomy


Mass Removals

Laryngeal Paralysis – Tieback Procedure

We're here for you!

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Fort Myers Animal Medical Center has you covered for soft-tissue surgery in Fort Myers and will always give your pet the highest quality care possible. Contact us right away to if your pet is in need of surgery or an assessment.
Fort Myers Animal Medical Center performs soft-tissue surgery for dogs and cats in Fort Myers, North Fort Myers, Villas, Cape Coral and Cypress Lake.

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