In-House Diagnostics for Pets
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Diagnosing a health issue quickly and accurately is an important part of caring for your pet.

No matter if it’s an emergency or a routine examination, the best treatment plan for your pet starts with a prompt diagnosis. We offer in-house diagnostics in Fort Myers to monitor ongoing health and ensure your pet receives quick treatment for any ailments they may have.

Our In-House Diagnostics

The veterinary care experts at Fort Myers Animal Medical Center are prepared to diagnose a whole host of issues your pet may have. It’s easy to overlook subtle symptoms in our pets, which is why testing, such as blood tests or urinalysis, are important when it comes to diagnosing an unseen issue. Our diagnostic services include but are not limited to:

Complete urinalysis

Physical examination

CBC and biochemical blood testing


Canine and feline heartworm testing

CT scans (with 3D imaging and contrast)


Mass testing (biopsies, aspirates, etc.)

Waiting on test results for your pet is nerve-wracking at best. We know how difficult it can be, so we perform as many diagnostic procedures as we can in-house. Providing testing on-site can reduce the time it takes to begin creating a treatment plan for your furry friend.
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Schedule an In-House Diagnostic Appointment in Fort Myers

Our goal at Fort Myers Animal Medical Center is to provide accurate diagnostics for your pet in a time-conscious manner. Please contact us if your pet is showing any signs that could indicate a medical issue. We are happy to schedule an appointment for in-house diagnostics in Fort Myers.
Fort Myers Animal Medical Center performs in-house diagnostic testing for dogs and cats in Fort Myers, North Fort Myers, Villas, Cape Coral and Cypress Lake.

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