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People aren’t the only ones to experience allergies.

Our pets can acquire allergies to a variety of things just like we can. The onset of an allergy results from the immune system becoming too sensitive to an allergen. Some signs that your pet may have been exposed to something they’re allergic to include scratching, swollen paws, scabbed skin, sneezing, and runny eyes. If these symptoms are ignored, they may worsen and significantly reduce your pet’s quality of life.

Treating a pet’s allergy can look different for each animal. It might be as simple as changing their food or switching to a new shampoo. If the allergen is environmental, however, treatment may be more involved. It could include a total elimination of the allergen from the environment, medications or even allergy shots. With this in mind, testing your pet to determine what they’re allergic to is the first step in determining what their treatment plan will be.

Common Allergy Tests for Pets

Allergy testing isn’t as difficult as it may sound, and will lead to a clearer picture of what is affecting your pet. To avoid any confusion, make sure you only test for one type of allergen at a time. When trying to figure out what your pet is allergic to, consult a veterinarian to make sure you’re taking the right steps. Common allergy testing for pets can include:

Using combs to check for evidence of fleas

Swapping their food to one without common allergens

Scheduling a blood test

Scheduling an intradermal skin test

Make sure to always consult a veterinarian before choosing any allergy treatments because most of them are specific to the age and weight of your pet. If not administered correctly, these can be very dangerous.
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