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Whether your pet needs a regular veterinarian or you’re searching for an urgent care animal hospital, Vetco Total Care has you covered. Our services include:

Wellness Care

Vetco Total Care is committed to providing convenient, comprehensive veterinary care to pets.

Emergency Care

When your dog or cat needs emergency veterinary care, knowing where to turn is crucial.


Modern vaccines are highly effective, and the risk of side effects is extremely low.

Parasite Control

We provide comprehensive parasite control to help pets lead healthy lives free from these disgusting creatures.

Allergy Testing

Pets can be allergic to many different substances. We will help you determine which option suits your pet’s needs.

Dental Care

Make sure your pet receives appropriate dental care. Dental care is an important component of wellness care for pets.

Soft-Tissue Surgery

When your dog or cat needs soft-tissue surgery, look no further than Vetco Total Care.


Surgeries involving the bones and ligaments are complex and are often referred out to specialists.

In-House Diagnostics

Diagnostic testing plays an important role in both routine and emergency veterinary care.
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