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It’s upsetting for pet owners to notice their pet limping.

A limp is usually caused by an injury or physical deformity, but isn’t always a sign of pain. Your pet’s age, weight, and breed may all affect how they walk. Homestead Animal Medical Center offers pet orthopedics in Homestead to get your pet feeling their best.

Lameness in Pets

Lameness is a complex condition that varies animal to animal. Lameness can occur in one or more legs, be continuous or intermittent, or even become better or worse at certain times of day. Some typical indications that your pet has an orthopedic problem include:

Swelling around the joints

Refusal to place weight on a leg

Not placing a paw on the ground correctly


Inability to walk or run normally

Loss of muscular tissue in one leg

Other changes to their gait

Signs of pain or discomfort in a leg

Difficulty climbing stairs or jumping

It’s important to determine whether the problem your pet is experiencing is typical of their breed or whether a more significant underlying health concern is present. Some breeds are more prone to orthopedic problems than others. Common causes of lameness include:



Bone cancer

Wounds to paw pads

Trauma, such as a broken bone or dislocation


Insect stings

Nerve damage

Congenital abnormalities


Genetic disorders

Inflammatory diseases

Damaged or broken claws

Realizing your pet may be injured can be scary. We always work to determine the cause of your pet’s limp and suggest the best plan to ease any pain they may be experiencing and allow them to walk freely again.

Our Orthopedic Services

We perform a wide variety of orthopedic surgeries, including:

Pelvic Fracture

Cruciate Ligament Surgery

Radius/ulna Fracture Repair

Common Calcaneal (Achilles) Tendon Injury

Joint Luxation

Tibia/fibula Fracture Repair

Patellar Luxation – Unilateral repair

Coxofemoral Luxation – Toggle pin repair

Oncologic Surgeries

Femur or Humerus Fracture Repair

Femoral Head and Neck Ostectomy

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