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Keeping your pet's dental health in check is an important aspect of wellness care.

Dental health issues in your pet might be an indication of a more serious health concern. A veterinarian should examine your pet’s teeth and gums once a year to search for early symptoms of any oral health issues. It’s also a good idea to have your pet’s teeth cleaned once a year. We provide comprehensive pet dental care in Homestead and urge you to arrange a cleaning or checkup if your pet is due for one or if they are exhibiting any concerning symptoms.

Oral Health Issues in Pets

It might be difficult to determine whether our dogs are suffering from dental problems. It’s not always easy to determine whether your pet is in discomfort. Your pet may exhibit subtle indicators of dental problems, so keep an eye out for any of these symptoms:

Bad breath

Discolored teeth

Abnormal chewing

Swelling in or around the mouth

Broken, loose, or missing teeth

Excess tartar

Pain in the mouth

Increased irritability

Extra teeth or retained baby teeth

Unusual eating habits

Bleeding in the mouth

Our pets may suffer from dental issues for causes that are similar to our own. Though there are less common reasons for oral health issues, the most oral health problems are caused by:

Broken teeth

Infected teeth or gums

Palate defects

Broken jaw

Periodontal disease


Misalignment of the teeth or bite

Always use extreme caution while dealing with a pet’s teeth, since anxious animals are more inclined to bite. To get your pet feeling like themselves again, we’ll make sure to perform an in-depth inspection of your pet’s teeth and gums to determine if there’s an issue.
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Only a qualified veterinarian should perform dental examinations and treatments. If you feel your pet is suffering from oral health problems, please contact us immediately to schedule an appointment for dental care in Homestead. The first step in determining what’s causing oral health issues is to visit a veterinarian.
Homestead Animal Medical Center provides dental care for dogs and cats in Homestead, Leisure City, South Miami Heights, Richmond West, and Cutler Ridge.

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