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Animals, like people, can become allergic to a variety of things they come in contact with.

An allergy arises when the immune system becomes too sensitive to a specific allergen. Scratching, swollen paws, scabbed skin, sneezing, and watery eyes are some of the signs that your pet may display when exposed to something they’re allergic to. If neglected, these symptoms can worsen and have a negative impact on your pet’s quality of life.

Pollen, food, and even the pet shampoo you use might cause allergies in your pet. There are multiple methods for testing and treating these various forms of allergies. If your pet is allergic to something in their diet, just changing their food might be the answer. Other allergic responses might be more challenging to treat. Environmental allergies, for example, may call for a more complex treatment plan including medications, bathing, a complete cleansing of their surroundings, or allergy shots. We provide allergy testing and treatment in Homestead and are always here to help your pet live a comfortable life.

Common Allergy Tests for Pets

By pinpointing the cause of your pet’s allergic reaction, allergy testing is the first step to finding a solution to their symptoms. To make it easy to determine the results of an allergy test, make sure to only test for one type of allergy at a time. A veterinarian’s guidance is always valuable when a pet needs allergy testing. Common allergy testing for dogs and cats can include:

Scheduling a blood test

Swapping their food to one without common allergens

Scheduling an intradermal skin test

Using combs to check for evidence of fleas

Always contact a veterinarian before administering allergy medicines to your dogs. Many treatments are particularly tailored for the size and breed of your pet. These can lead to an overdose if not administered appropriately.
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