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The best way to maintain your pet's health is through wellness exams and preventive care.

We offer a range of wellness services for animals of every age. Whether you’ve recently adopted a brand-new kitten or puppy or you need care for your aging pet, we have you covered when it comes to health and preventative care in Palmetto Bay.

Our Pet Wellness and Preventative Care Services

We offer a selection of wellness and preventative care services to maintain the happiness and health of neighborhood pets in Palmetto Bay. Bringing your dog or cat in for an annual examination enables us to evaluate their current state of health and make suggestions for a personalized care plan. Some of our wellness services include:

New Puppy and Kitten Exams

Acute and Chronic Disease Management

In-House CBC and Biochemical Blood Testing

In-House Screening for Internal Parasites

Annual Physical Examinations


Complete Urinalysis



Each pet is unique and has individual needs that must be considered when coming up with a healthcare plan. Each and every pet that receives a routine exam from our knowledgeable staff receives the highest standard of care.
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Schedule a Wellness and Preventative Care Appointment in Palmetto Bay

Whether your pet needs a wellness exam or is showing symptoms of a health issue, we’re more than happy to help. To make a wellness and preventative care appointment in Palmetto Bay, get in touch with us right away. We look forward to speaking with you!
Palmetto Bay Animal Hospital provides wellness and preventative care services for pets in Palmetto Bay, Cutler Ridge, South Miami Heights, Palmetto Estates, Richmond Heights, Cutler, Richmond West, Pinecrest, The Crossings, Kendall, Sunset, The Hammocks, Glenvar Heights, Leisure City, South Miami and Olympia Heights.

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