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Parasites are organisms that live on or in an organism of a different species.

If your pet has parasites, they may experience unpleasant symptoms as well as possible life-threatening conditions. The health of humans may also be in danger from parasites that start in our pets.

In dogs and cats, fleas are the most common parasite. These insects not only cause the skin to become irritated but tapeworms and the bacteria that cause cat scratch fever. Ticks can transmit contagious diseases that can lead to Lyme disease, paralysis, anemia, and other issues. Pets with ear mites may scratch their ears a lot, which can lead to swollen tissue and broken blood vessels. These are only a handful of the parasites that our pets could face.

Ways To Prevent Parasites in Pets

The good news is that modern veterinary medicine has developed to the point where parasitic infection is fairly easy to prevent. Here are some methods for guarding against parasites in and on your pets:

Make sure to fully finish any treatment plan given to you by your veterinarian.

Grooming animals can help reduce the risk of fur contamination and help catch an infestation early.

Consult a veterinarian to ensure you’re choosing a correct, safe treatment for your pet.

Use spot-on products to prevent tick and flea bites.

Practice good personal hygiene when handling pets of any age.

Clean up any pet feces to prevent the spread of worm larvae or eggs.

Start pets on a regular deworming regime at a young age.

We’ll take excellent care to completely rid your pet of parasites and make a parasite control plan for your pet based on their age and how far along an infestation may be. Leave it to the caring team at Palmetto Bay Animal Hospital to get your pet feeling like themself again!
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