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Organisms that live on or in an organism of a different species are known as parasites.

If your pet has parasites, they may experience unpleasant symptoms as well as potentially life-threatening conditions. Pet-borne parasites have the potential to pose a threat to human health as well. The flea is the most common parasite found in dogs and cats. The bacteria that causes cat scratch fever and tapeworms are both spread by these insects in addition to irritating the skin. Lyme disease, paralysis, anemia, and other serious conditions can all be brought on by tick-borne pathogens. When a pet has ear mites, they may scratch their ears a lot, which can lead to tissue swelling and blood vessel rupture. These are only some of the parasites that our pets could come into contact with.

Ways To Prevent Parasites in Pets

The good news is that parasitic infection is now fairly easily avoidable thanks to advancements in modern veterinary medicine. Here are some tips for guarding against parasites in and on your pets:

In order to avoid tick and flea bites, use spot-on products.

Animal grooming can lower the chance of fur contamination and aid in the early detection of an infestation.

To make sure you're selecting an effective, secure treatment for your pet, speak with a veterinarian.

When handling animals of any age, maintain good personal hygiene.

Make sure to follow your veterinarian's recommended course of treatment exactly.

Put pets on a regular deworming schedule when they are young.

In order to stop the spread of worm larvae or eggs, clean up any pet waste.

Based on your pet’s age and the potential severity of an infestation, we’ll take great care to completely rid your pet of parasites and create a control plan just for your pet. Count on the compassionate staff at Boca Raton Animal Medical Center to help your pet feel like themselves again.
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