In-House Diagnostics for Pets
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Care for your pet involves making a prompt and accurate diagnosis of any health issues.

Whether it’s an urgent situation or just a regular checkup, the best course of action for your pet begins with a prompt diagnosis. For your pet’s quick treatment of any illnesses they may have, we provide in-house diagnostics in Boca Raton.

Our In-House Diagnostics

The veterinarians at Boca Raton Animal Medical Center are skilled at diagnosing a wide range of ailments that could affect your pet. Testing, such as blood tests or urinalysis, is crucial when it comes to diagnosing an underlying condition in pets because subtle symptoms may be easy to miss. Our diagnostic services include but are not limited to:


Physical examination

Canine and feline heartworm testing


Complete urinalysis

Mass testing (biopsies, aspirates, etc.)

CBC and biochemical blood testing

CT scans (with 3D imaging and contrast)

It can be stressful to wait for your pet’s test results. We understand how it feels to wait on results, so we perform as many diagnostics as we can in-house. On-site testing can speed up the process of developing a treatment plan for your pet.
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At Boca Raton Animal Medical Center, we strive to give your pet accurate diagnoses in a timely manner. We also rely on diagnostic testing to monitor baseline values and identify potential problems in their earliest stages. Please get in touch with us if your pet exhibits any symptoms that might point to a health problem. For in-house diagnostics in Boca Raton, give us a call.
Boca Raton Animal Medical Center performs in-house diagnostic testing for dogs and cats in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Kings Point, Hamptons at Boca Raton, Pompano Beach Highlands, Sandalfoot Cove and Lighthouse Point.

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