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Like people, animals can have allergies to a variety of things.

When the immune system overreacts to an allergen, or particular substance, the result is an allergic reaction. Your pet may scratch, develop swollen paws, develop scabs on their skin, sneeze, and have runny eyes after being exposed to an allergen. Allergies can also cause digestive upset. These symptoms can worsen and have a significant negative impact on your pet’s health and happiness if they are ignored.

Pets can develop allergies to anything, including pollen and food. There are many methods for treating these allergies. Simply switching your pet’s food might solve the problem if they are allergic to something in their current diet. Other allergic reactions may be more intense and difficult to treat. Environmental allergies, for example, may call for a different treatment plan. This might entail taking medication, taking a bath, cleaning the surroundings thoroughly, or getting allergy shots. We offer a wide range of allergy testing and treatment in Oakland Park and are here to ensure that your pet has the best quality of life.

Common Allergy Tests for Pets

By determining the cause of an allergic reaction in your pet, allergy testing can help you begin an appropriate course of treatment to reduce their discomfort. Don’t test for more than one allergen at once to prevent confusion. It is always a good idea to seek advice from a veterinarian when conducting allergy testing on your pet. Common allergy testing for pets can include:

Using combs to check for evidence of fleas

Swapping their food to one without common allergens

Scheduling an intradermal skin test

Scheduling a blood test

Make sure to always consult a veterinarian before choosing any allergy treatments for your pets. Many treatments are specifically formulated for a pet’s size and breed. These can be dangerous if administered improperly.
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