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Maintaining your pet’s oral health is an important component of preventive care.

Dental health problems can be an indicator of a more serious issue with your pet’s health. Once a year, your pet’s teeth and gums should be examined by a veterinarian to look for early signs of dental health problems. It’s also a good idea to have your pet receive yearly cleanings on their teeth. We provide comprehensive pet dental care in Fort Myers and encourage you to schedule a cleaning or exam if your pet is due for one.

Oral Health Issues in Pets

It can be hard to tell when our pets are experiencing a dental health issue, and it may be difficult to tell when your pet is in pain. Your pet may show signs of dental concerns in subtle ways, so be sure to watch out for any of these signs:

Bad breath

Broken, loose, or missing teeth

Swelling in or around the mouth

Extra teeth or retained baby teeth

Excess tartar

Discolored teeth

Increased irritability

Unusual eating habits

Pain in the mouth

Abnormal chewing

Bleeding in the mouth

Our pets may suffer from dental problems for reasons that are similar to our own. Though this isn’t a complete list, some common oral health symptoms may be caused by:

Broken teeth

Infected teeth or gums

Palate defects

Broken jaw

Periodontal disease


Misalignment of the teeth or bite

When dealing with a pet’s teeth, always use extreme caution as stressed animals are more likely to bite. To get your pet feeling like themselves again, we’ll make sure to perform an in-depth examination and provide any care they need.
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Dental examinations and treatments should only be done by a qualified veterinarian. Please get in touch with us right away to make an appointment for dental care in Fort Myers if you believe your pet is experiencing oral health issues. The first step in figuring out what’s causing dental health problems is to schedule a consultation with a veterinarian.
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