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Animals, like people, can be allergic to a variety of things.

An allergy develops when the immune system becomes hypersensitive to a specific substance, or allergen. Scratching, swollen paws, scabbed skin, sneezing, or runny eyes may occur in your pet. Allergies can also cause digestive upset. If ignored, these symptoms can, unfortunately, significantly lower your pet’s quality of life and lead to further complications.

Pets can develop sensitivities to all types of allergens, including pollen and food. There are several ways to treat these allergies. If your pet is allergic to something in their current diet, simply changing their food may be the solution. Different therapies may be required for environmental allergies. These might include medications, bathing, cleaning the household of the allergen, or allergy shots. We provide a wide range of allergy testing and treatment services in Deerfield Beach and are here to make your pet’s life better.

Common Allergy Tests for Pets

Allergy testing can aid in the resolution of your pet’s stress by identifying the source of their allergic reaction. To avoid confusion, we typically only test for one type of allergen at a time. When performing allergy testing on your pet, consulting with a veterinarian is important. Common allergy testing for pets includes:

Using flea combs and flea shampoo

Swapping their food to one without common allergens

Scheduling a blood test

Scheduling an intradermal skin test

Not all treatments are formulated to be safe for all animals. They can be dangerous if not administered correctly. To ensure you’re using the right product for your pet, always consult with us before selecting any allergy treatments for your pets.
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Make an appointment with us if your pet is exhibiting allergic reaction symptoms. Testing is the first step in determining the best treatment plan for your animal companion. We strive to make your pet’s life as comfortable as possible, despite their allergies. Contact us today for allergy testing and treatment in Deerfield Beach.
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