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Emergency situations involving our fur babies can be terrifying.

And since our pets cannot simply tell us when something is wrong, figuring out what they need can be difficult. We understand how important it is to give your companion the prompt attention they require during this stressful time. We offer emergency care during our regular business hours and would be glad to assist in getting your pet feeling like themself again.

Common Pet Emergencies

When your pet shows signs of sickness or injury, it’s important to know what symptoms might be emergencies. Even though this is not a comprehensive catalog of all possible pet crises, some of the most typical ones are as follows:


Respiratory Issues

Vaccine Reactions

Acute or Chronic Pain

Arthritis and Lameness

Oral and Dental Diseases



Insect Bites

Anal Gland Issues

Urinary Tract Diseases

Internal Parasites

Age-related Illness

Ear, Eye, or Nose Issues

Exposure to Toxic Materials

Persistent Vomiting or Diarrhea

Contact us during business hours if you need clarification on whether your pet is displaying signs of an emergency or if you need emergency pet care in Titusville. We at Titusville Animal Hospital take concerns about your pet seriously and can help you make the most informed decisions about your pet’s health. Please be aware that if our staff decides that your pet’s condition is life-threatening, we may direct you to the nearest emergency hospital as we are not prepared to manage such situations.
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Emergency Pet Care in Titusville

If you think your pet may be displaying signs of a medical emergency and requires emergency care in Titusville, don’t hesitate to call us. Acting quickly is an important part of getting your pet the treatment they need.
Titusville Animal Hospital provides emergency care during regular business hours for pets in Titusville, Mims, Scottsmoor, Christmas, Oak Hill, Cocoa, Edgewater, Geneva, New Smyrna Beach, Rockledge and Port Saint John.

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