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Organisms that live on or eat other living entities are known as parasites.

Despite making up a tiny percentage of the issue, fleas and ticks are the most notorious culprits. Heartworms, intestinal parasites, mites, and scabies are some additional prevalent parasites that impact our pets. If parasitic infestations go unchecked, a pet’s health may suffer from anything from small inconveniences to fatal diseases. Parasites can endanger our health, too.

The most prevalent parasitic infestation dogs and cats encounter is fleas. These insects not only cause skin irritation for our pets and transmit bacteria that cause cat scratch fever and other pathogens and illnesses. Through mosquito stings, heartworms can be spread to our dogs. Ticks can transmit viruses that can result in Lyme disease, paralysis, anemia, and other problems. Pets with ear mites may scratch their ear canals excessively due to irritation. This may lead to blood vessels in the ear bursting and the tissue oozing blood. These are only a few types of parasites that our pets may come into contact with. We offer pet parasite management in Titusville to help your beloved companion live a healthy, pest-free existence.

Ways To Prevent Parasites in Pets

There are many ways to prevent and treat parasites today, thanks to advancements in modern veterinary medicine. Here are some important tips for keeping your pet parasite-free and as safe as possible:

Grooming animals can help reduce the risk of fur contamination and aid in the early detection of an infestation.

To avoid tick and flea bites, use topical or ingested preventatives.

Consult a veterinarian to ensure you're giving your pet the best, safest treatment possible.

Immediately clean up pet feces to prevent the spread of worm larvae or eggs.

When working with pets of any age, always wash your hands.

Begin routine deworming for pets at a young age.

Make sure to complete any treatment plan prescribed by your veterinarian.

We’ll make sure your pet receives the attention they deserve when it comes to parasite treatment. Each pet will need a different parasite control approach depending on their age and whether or not an infection is already present. It’s important to consult a veterinarian to help determine the best course of action for your individual pet.
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