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Diagnostic testing is one of the most important parts of pet healthcare.

Whether it’s a routine exam or an emergency, the best treatment for your pet starts with a quick and accurate diagnosis. We offer in-house diagnostics in Titusville to ensure your pet receives efficient and effective care.

Our In-House Diagnostics

Titusville Animal Hospital is equipped to diagnose many common health issues that might arise for your pet, even if symptoms are minimal. Only accurate diagnostic testing, such as blood tests or urinalysis, can reveal these issues. With our knowledge and technology, we can quickly diagnose common health issues in-house so your pet can begin treatment as soon as possible. Our diagnostic services include but are not limited to:


Physical examination

Canine and feline heartworm testing


Complete urinalysis

Mass testing (biopsies, aspirates, etc.)

CBC and biochemical blood testing

CT scans (with 3D imaging and contrast)

Once we’ve determined what’s going on with your pet, we can begin a treatment plan so they can get back to feeling normal. Our in-house diagnostics provide ease and convenience, so you aren’t left with a longer wait during such a stressful time.
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TitusvilleAnimal Hospital strives to provide the quickest, most accurate testing for your pet. Please contact us if your pet is displaying symptoms of a health concern. We are happy to schedule you right away for in-house diagnostics in Titusville.
Titusville Animal Hospital performs in-house diagnostic testing for dogs and cats in Titusville, Mims, Scottsmoor, Christmas, Oak Hill, Cocoa, Edgewater, Geneva, New Smyrna Beach, Rockledge and Port Saint John.

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