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Similar to people, animals can develop allergies to a range of things.

An allergic reaction can occur when the immune system becomes excessively sensitive to something called an allergen. Depending on the allergy, your pet might scratch, have swollen feet, scabbed skin, runny eyes, sneezing or even vomiting. Sadly, these issues can greatly reduce your pet’s quality of life and cause additional problems if ignored.

Pets can become allergic to many things they encounter, including dust and food. These sensitivities can be diagnosed and treated with a variety of methods. Simply switching your pet’s food might solve the problem if they are sensitive to something in their current diet. Environmental allergies may need a more involved solution. Medication, cleaning the home of the allergen, or allergy injections are a few examples. To improve the quality of life for your beloved pet, we offer a wide range of allergy testing and therapy services in Titusville.

Common Allergy Tests for Pets

By pinning down the cause of your pet’s allergic response, we can begin treating your pet accordingly. We can perform several easy tests to determine what your pet is allergic to. We usually only screen for one kind of allergen at a time to prevent misunderstanding. To properly evaluate your pet’s allergies, speaking with a veterinary professional is crucial. Common allergy testing for pets includes:

Using flea combs and flea shampoo

Scheduling an intradermal skin test

Swapping their food to one without common allergens

Scheduling a blood test

Not all treatments are formulated to be safe for all animals. To ensure you’re using the right product for your pet, always consult with us before selecting any allergy treatments for your pet.
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