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Vaccinating your pet is a crucial step in ensuring their long-term health.

Immunizations are a crucial part of pet care, whether you’re adopting a new pet or ensuring that your older pet maintains life-long protection. The simplest way to reduce your pet’s risk of developing serious complications from preventable diseases is to vaccinate them. Without taking this crucial action, your pet could contract a harmful disease. But it’s not just your animal friends who are less in danger. Pet vaccinations also prevent the transmission of diseases that can spread between people and animals. We are happy to offer pet vaccinations in Sarasota and encourage you to keep your furry friend up to date on their immunizations.

Common Preventable Illnesses in Pets

Just like us, our pets need to have their vaccinations updated regularly. There are different categories of vaccines including core vaccines and lifestyle vaccines. Core vaccinations are recommended for most pets and should be kept current to maintain the health of the animal. Lifestyle vaccines are only recommended based on factors such as how often your pet encounters other animals. As your pet’s veterinarian, we will make vaccine recommendations based on the diseases they are most likely to encounter.

Common preventable diseases in dogs include:


Lyme Disease





Kennel Cough


Common preventable diseases in cats include:



Feline Calicivirus



Although it might seem difficult, we will guide you through each step of the process. When making health decisions for pets, it is important to consider their unique set of needs. We’ll help you make the best choices based on the age and health of your pet.
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We have the expertise and will carefully consider your pet’s needs to ensure they receive the best possible care. When you choose us for pet vaccinations in Sarasota, we’ll work with you to create a plan that suits your pet’s needs in terms of lifestyle and health to provide the highest level of protection possible. Make an appointment with us right away if you’ve recently adopted a new pet or believe it may be time for your animals’ vaccines to be updated.

Sarasota Town Center Animal Hospital administers pet vaccinations for pets in Sarasota, Fruitville, Sarasota Springs, Bayshore Gardens, Gulf Gate Estates, and South Bradenton.

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